Buffalo Meat A Cut Above The Rest

For many people, nothing could be more stressful than being a meat lover and be prescribed a low-calorie diet.  Meat and low calories are self-contradictory, that's the common perception.  Persons who are trying to find a low-calorie meat that could replace the kind they are used to eating would do well to consider buffalo meat.There are many Western-themed restaurants that offer buffalo (also known as American bison) dishes.  Ted's Montana Grill, co-founded by media mogul Ted Turner, which specializes in hand-cut beef and bison steaks, has locations in sixteen states.

The Buffalo Bistro and Buffalo Grill in Utah's Zion National Park are popular tourist attractions.  Customers at such restaurants can anticipate being presented with specialties like roasted buffalo or grilled buffalo with a small serving of mashed potato, buffalo burger type served like Salisbury steak with French fries on the sides, regular buffalo steak with a generous serving of raw onion toppings, and even stewed buffalo served with a large mixture of green vegetables in it. .

Roasted buffalo meat is especially popular, especially in its almost-raw form.  Unlike meat from other animals, bison meat requires very little seasoning to bring out its naturally juicy and finger-licking flavor.  A simple preparation technique would be to score the meat only on the surface and dab it with a little salt, a little pepper and olive oil, and it's ready for cooking.  One of the advantages that buffalo meat holds over regular beef is that it takes a shorter time to cook.  Just sear both sides to lock in the flavor and you're done!
Buffalo meat is the only meat with the 3 Ts - Texture, Tenderness and Taste.  The flavor is sweeter, and it is lighter and less greasy than other kinds of meat I was used to, such as cow beef or pork or chicken.

Also, buffalo meat does not need any tangy gravy to bring out its naturally good flavor; that is important because gravy for meat is usually heavy on calories. .There are some interesting healthful statistics about how, in many ways, buffalo meat is more nutritious than other kinds of animals' meat.  It has around 70%-90% less fat than beef, and around 50% less cholesterol.

Since it doesn't have all those harmful fats, it has more protein, iron, amino acids and omega nutrients that a number of people are prescribed to take in the form of tasteless fish and raw vegetables.  It is also eminently suitable for persons on a low-carbohydrate diet.  A four-ounce serving contains no carbs, 11 grams of protein and three percent of total fat.And the fat it contains is of the good kind, a monounsaturated fat known as omega-3 fatty acids.  Adequate intake of this kind of fat has been scientifically proven to prevent heart disease and promote overall cardiovascular health.

In fact, buffalo meat has been endorsed by the American Heart Association and prescribed by physicians for patients on a low-fat, low-calorie diet.Buffaloes are grown in their natural elements in the open fields and are not given any chemical feeds or antibiotics or artificial growth hormones which are suspected of causing cancer.  Since buffaloes are fed only natural grains and green grass, they have a natural strong resistance to diseases and their meat is not tainted with any harmful chemicals.

In many ways, the meat of the buffalo, which feeds on nature's grain and grass, has been graded to be far more excellent than cow, dog or chicken meat. .Today, we can enjoy buffalo steaks, soups, stews, and burgers either in restaurants or at home.  Buffalo meat is conveniently available in most supermarkets and is offered by many websites.  It's a hearty, healthy, delicious, and convenient way to enjoy meat.


Mike Sullivan is an author on the topics of grilling, preparing and cooking steaks, and choosing the right cuts of meat. Read his most recent report on How To Marinate Steaks to put the most flavor into your next steak meal.

By: Mike Sullivan

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