Charlotte Grill Restaurant Is Fire Mountain

Charlotte Restaurant Critic at takes the time to distribute excerpt from the latest dining experiences in Charlotte, NC. This most recent trip to a grill style restaurant chain showed us some excellent southern style buffet. Turns out Fire Mountain is part of Ryan's Restaurant Group, Inc. which also has Ryans Grill Buffet Bakery under their wings. They are online here http://www.

So we enter and realize it's a buffet eatery, and almost leave. I do like the service aspect of dining out. One look at the size and scope of food kept us from turning back though. We paid in advance which was $18.20 for two people with drinks. This covered a lot of expensive higher end food for a buffet as well as drinks, desert, fruit, salad and more.

To say this is a "Southern Dining Experience" would be like saying "Shaq is kinda tall". The buffet has fried okra, 4 kinds of biscuits, rolls, fried chicken, ribs, corn and just about everything else that is cooked incorrectly from Pennsylvania on up. Read more about Fire Mountain Grill restaurant in Charlotte. .

By: Charlotte Critic

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