Crunk Juice Energy Drink Time To Get Crunk

Some of you might be wondering, where did the phrase "Crunk!!!" come from? And why would someone use that to name a beverage? Well, the mastermind behind the Crunk Juice energy drink is the self-proclaimed "King of Crunk"?Lil' John. If you don't know who Lil' John is just think of these two simple words?what and yeah. Now scream them out loud repeatedly and you should start to conjure up the image of Mr. John.The Crunk Juice energy drink has a very distinctive taste.

It uses a flavor that has previously been untouched in the energy drink universe. What is it? None other than pomegranate.Some might be trepidatious toward drinking a pomegranate-flavored beverage, but it's quite good. The combination of tart and sweetness is enough to cover any potential aftertaste.The Crunk Juice energy drink ingredients feature the standard formulation--high amounts of caffeine, sugar, and b-vitamins. Practically all energy drinks use this formula since it's been proven to give people an "energy hi".

The Crunk Juice energy drink has the potential to be very popular in that highly sought after male/18-25 demographic. With Lil' John as the spokesman and a great taste, I see many people getting Crunk. YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!.

Crunk Juice Energy Drink Ingredients and Nutritional Facts:.Water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium citrate, calcium lactate, natural flavors, black carrot extract (for color), magnesium lactate, ascorbic acid, vitamin E acetate, niacinamide (vit B3), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), pyridoxine HCL (vit B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamin HCL (vit B1), cyanocobalamin (vit B12).Serving size: 1 can; calories: 120; total carb. 29g; sugars 29g; vitamin C 50%; vitamin E 25%; vitamin B1 25%; vitamin B2 100%; vitamin B3 100%; vitamin B6 100%; vitamin B12 100%; vitamin B4 100%; calcium 5%; magnesium 3%; sodium 5%.

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By: Patrick Austin

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