getting a new grill a viking smoker grill

I think we have all bought an item or items on impulse and have probably regretted that moment. When buying a grill you need to give it some thought. The Viking smoker grill is a little expensive but built to better standards and quality that should last. This is something that you shouldn't skimp on. The cheaper smoker grills are not built to the same standards.

With a Viking smoker grill will last and you will get plenty of fun and enjoyment from its use. One other advantage of purchasing a Viking smoker grill is it has a regulator. Sure other cheaper smoker grills have regulators but with the Viking smoker grill the advantage is that the regulator is adjustable and more flexible.

With the Viking smoker grill all you need to do is set the regulator at the level of heat you want and just make the occasional trip back to check on how your food is cooking. Where as with other smoker grills you or some one need to keep a constant eye on the cooking food. The Viking smoker grill is designed to produce healthy and fresh smoke that will make your food taste great. Cleaning your Viking smoker grill is easy. Allow the grill to cool down before removing the grates.

Another important step to remember is never pour water over the hot grates. This will damage and reduce the life span of the grates. Don't wait a day or two to undertake the task of cleaning the grates.

The dirt, grime or caked on food particles could become breeding grounds for bacteria. Once the grates have cooled down, remove them and place them in soapy water for a while. This will help to loosen any residue of food. When the grime and food are loose enough use a wire brush and gently scrub off any grime and food.

Allow the grates to air-dry. This is more hygienic than wiping the grates with a towel. Now don't forget the burners on your Viking smoker grill, they also need to be cleaned.

If you have a charcoal grill remove the coal grate and brush inside. Cleaning the grass grill burners remove the lava rocks, briquettes or the metal flame burner. If you like you can wash the flame burner with soapy water making sure that you rinse well and leave the burner to air-dry before reassembling.

Before packing your Viking smoker grill away you may consider heating the smoker grill for 5 minutes. This will ensure all parts are dry before the Viking smoker grill is stored. This will kill any bacteria that may grow if the smoker grill was stored while the parts where still wet or damp.

Some simple steps when either purchasing and cleaning your Viking Smoker Grill

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