How To Make Jello Shots Like A Barman

How To Make Jello Shots Like A Barman! Learning how to make jello shots is very simple to do! All you need is jello, water, alcohol, small glasses and a few tricks. Soon you will know how to make jello shots like a seasoned pro Traditionally jello shots are served in shot glasses but serving jello shots this way can cause difficulty when you want to get the shot from its glass! It is much better to make them in plastic glasses supplied with a lid. For easier access to the shot allow it to set upside down.

Many sources show you how to make jello shots with vodka but any liquor will do. 6oz of gelatine needs 16oz of just boiled water 10 oz of chilled alchohol and 6oz of cold water. Below is a quick ingredients list for anyone who wants to know how to make jello shots To make twenty 2oz shots you require: 6 oz pack of Jell-O 16oz or two cups of boiling water 6oz or 3 quarters cup of cold water 10oz or 1 & a quarter cups of chilled alcohol. There you have a how to make jello shots quick list. You now need to know how to make jello shots with flare using these ingredients.

How to make jello shots with your ingredients: Mix the boiling water and gelatine in a bowl. Mix until the jello has dissolved completely. Add the vodka and the cold water. Mix the ingredients. Now pour your shot mix into the plastic cups with lid and set upside down. Your jello mixture will set anywhere but if you put it in the refrigerator it will set quicker.

You should experiment with differnt flavourings of jello and see which ones go with which liquor. For example a lemon or lime jello would go well with gin! Experiment with flavours it's fun and soon you'll know how to make jello shots with just about any kind of liquor. If you want to know how to make jello shots with stronger liquor then follow the quick guide. remember that stronger alcohol needs different measures of cold water or else the shots will not set. How to Make Jello Shots Using Stronger Liquor: 30 to 50 proof liquor requires 3oz of alchohol to every 3oz of water. 80 to 100 needs 6oz of cold water for every 6oz of alcohol.

150 to 200 - if you're game enough - needs 10oz of cold water for every 6oz of alcohol. When people don't know how to make jello shots properly they try to freeze them! This is a mistake! Put them in the refrigerator or buy a kit to make arctic frozen shot glasses.

Resources on how to make jello shots: How to make jello shots shows you step by step how to make jello shots. How to make jello shots guide.

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