Mondongo Tripe Recipe

MONDONGO Ingredients: 2 lbs tripe chopped in chunks of 1 inch 1 beef pastern 2 potatoes chopped into small squares 1 carrot chopped into small squares lb. of pumpkin chopped into small squares lb. of cassava chopped in small squares lb. of yam chopped in small squares 1 / 8 lb .of taro chopped into small squares 1 / 8 lb. of celery chopped in small squares 2 seasoning cubes 1 onion chopped into squares 1 pepper chopped into squares 1 green onion leaves 4 sweet peppers 2 coriander leaves 5 tablespoons olive oil Can Add corn on the cob Salt to taste Preparation: Cook in a pressure cooker with enough water, the beef pastern, tripe and salt for 1 hour, after that, add potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, taro, celery, cassava, yams, seasoning cubes, one water cup and cook for 20 minutes more, while adding in a pan with hot olive oil onion, green onion, sweet peppers, peppers and cook for 5 minutes, then add to the pot along with the other ingredients and finally add coriander leaves.

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