To Make Ends Meet

"Just about the time you think you can make both ends meet, somebody moves the ends" Pansy Penner, Readers Digest Well, we can't stop the ends from moving but we can help you make them meet. How? With the help of a little appliance invented in 1971. You just plug it in, turn it on, and come back in about 10 hours. You will have saved both time and money. What am I talking about? The Crock Pot.

Put your food in, turn it on and dinner is ready 8 to 10 hours later - a fantastic time saving device. But how does it save money, you ask. Easy. The slow, slow cooking method means that it suits the tougher cuts of meat - which are heaps cheaper than the prime cuts you would normally buy for grilling and frying.

Due to the low cooking temperature, it is near on impossible to burn dinner. Even if you are running late; and it cooks for a few extra hours. Those tough pieces of meat that you would normally avoid, can now become your meat of choice - saving heaps at the butcher. Plus because you can put the Crock Pot on in the morning, before you go to work, there is less temptation to spend on Take Away; due to being too tired to cook. So use a Crock Pot.

And save yourself Time and the all important dollar. Happy Crock Cooking Lisa - "The Crock Cook" Crock Pot Recipes.


By: Lisa Paterson

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