What Are Delicacies

It is likely you have heard the word "delicacies" throughout your life and know that they are foods of some sort, but you may not know exactly what makes a food a delicacy or not. A delicacy is a food that a specific culture holds on high regard. There may be several reasons the food is on such a high platform in the culture.

Take a look at these reasons a food might be considered a delicacy to learn more about delicacies as a whole.The first reason a specific food might be considered a delicacy is because it is rare. Foods that are hard to come by, such as lobster or caviar, can be considered delicacies. In addition, dishes that are difficult to prepare can also be considered delicacies. You can often find the ingredients in abundance, but the process of preparing the dish can be only meant for professionals and therefore may be considered a delicacy.

In addition, if a food is relatively expensive, it is usually considered a delicacy. So, if you notice when traveling that a specific food is much more expensive than other foods, you are likely dealing with a delicacy of that culture.Delicacies can seem quite strange when you are not from the culture.

Just so, the delicacies of your own culture might not seem so special to you because you have likely experienced them many times before. But, when you visit China and notice that fried grasshoppers are a delicacy, you might begin to understand why certain cultures look strangely upon your own country's prized foods.

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By: Kimberly Chang

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